Tuesday, June 3, 2014

TNCC#1: Black and white - Snow white

This TNCC challenge theme is Black and white which is one of my favorite combos for everything ever!!! Damn I even have chess board tiles set in my apartment! So I will be having fun this month :)

I got this Golden rose Jolly jewels no. 110 from a friend and it's a white base with red and black glitters. I call it the Snow white polish (for her skin white as snow, hair like raven and lips like blood) and it became one of my favorite polishes ever :) For this look I added HWH-05 stamps done with Essence stamp me!black <3

Here is the swatch of the Jolly Jewels no. 110 

source: tumblr



  1. Wow that base color is gorgeous! The stamping goes well with it.


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