Friday, June 27, 2014

#HePicksMyPolish LoL mani: Ezrael the Prodigal Explorer

Ezrael is one of the most played champions in LoL and I am damn sick of him. But my BF likes him so I decided to do a mani inspired by him. His a real life anime champion - blue eyes, blond hair, magical powers and a silly j-pop dance to boot :) He is a super positive champion which I like and his weapons are magical bows and arrows - dunno just not my cup of tea - I like my men more manly :)

I wanted to make a mani with his bow, blond hair and goggles, the cute face tattoos :)

Ezrael the Prodigal Explorer

For this mani I used: Essence Cookies & creme, Inti inka, School's out forever, Steel-ing the scene, Sinful colors Bananapeal, Kiko Sky blue, China glaze Randezvous with you, Over the moon, Barry M Silver foil, BM415.

Here is a fun little clip of him when they added his 'robotic upgrade' :)

My favorite Ezrael quote in game:
''You belong in a museum''



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