Friday, May 30, 2014

LoL mani: Xerath the Magus Ascendant #HePicksMyPolish

Xearth is a mage type champion in the game LoL. He is armor held together by electricity and some chains. Quite fun to look at and to play since his ability is to anchor himself to the ground and with that his range increases dramatically. Very tricky if someone jumps at you and you want to get away :)

So I wanted to make a look that looks like lightening trapped in armor. I think I kin doff succeeded. I hope you like it :)

Xerath the Magus Ascendant

For the base I used Catrice Hip queens wear blue jeans, for the layers of stamps I used Color club Over the moon, Essie Blue rhapsody, Essence stamp me!black and The boy next door. The stamps I used are BM305, BM211 and m70. For the textured armor I used Zoya London and Essence Here is my number.

My favorite Xerath quotes:
''Bound but not broken.''



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