Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TNCC#2: The Borgias nails

This months challenge at the group Nail challenge collaborative is Movies and TV Shows. And my favorite type of TV Shows are historical and super sexy :) My obsession started when I was watching the Tudors and I already did a mani dedicated to that show a while back HERE

My current love is the (unfortunately canceled) show Borgias! I was in love with Cesare Borgia since the time I read Machiavelli's Prince :) And here he is so cool - my favorite character in the entire show. At the same time I am a fan of anything with Jeremy Irons every since the Lion king :)

 I wanted to do mostly red nails because that is the color of the Borgia house. Also I flooded everything with crosses since they are they popes family. And the accent finger is white like a lot of popes outfits doused in blood because the show is quite violent :) But still sexy - like these nails! They scream Borgias to me! I am so excited I am going to go re-read Machiavelli's Prince.

This is the best Borgias meme I've seen! Yeah they are the villains in Assassins creed so let's try real hard and find Ezio while watching this show! :)

For this look I used: China glaze Don't make me wine, Finger paints Vivid reflection, Beauty UK Matte top coat, MoYou London Biker 2, Festive 14, QA65, A59, BM416. Essence Do you speak love?, Catrice Sky and snow, Barry M Silver foil, Kiko Red peonia and Gold. 

Here are Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia the original incestuous brother and sister. Suck it Game of thrones! I don't care how wrong it is the entire show makes you root for them to hook up :) Aww Historical events you never seize to amaze me.

Did you ever watch this show? :)



  1. Can't said I've seen or heard of the show at all, but holy bejeezees! Those nails! They are so pretty!

  2. Never heard of the show but this looks great. Its very regal to me.

  3. The House Of Borgia actually does create nail designs and cosmetics. I'm a descendant by blood who was born with the name and own 'House Of Borgia Artistry Nails and Cosmetics 😊❤


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