Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday stamping: Under the sea

Since this is such a busy mani because a lot of things happen under the sea, I will do a nail by nail description:

Index (fish) - Catrice Maliblue, stamped with MM09 and Color club Harp on it
Middle  (tentacles and bones) - Catrice Keep blue and Essence Icebreaker, stamped with Star gazer 234, Konad White, BM401 and BM04
Ring (seahorse) - Catrice Keep pool, stamped with BM414 and Kiko Taupe
Pinkie (bubbles) - Essence Galactic glam with Yes love no.05, stamped with CK04 and Color club Harp on it

My favorite is the middle finger with the tentacles and bones :)



  1. These turned out amazing. Love the theme too :)

  2. That is fantastic! ^_^ I love the fish skeletons. lol


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