Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am alive! #Siphappens

I am alive and well! No the blogging waters are not safe from me! :) Well as The Crumpet puts it I had a bad case of the Blogger burnout. Take your time and read her article and you will understand. The case is that I just didn't feel like blogging - somehow my blog took over my life and at the same time it was no fun at all. So as part of my New years resolution I decided to blog less (yeah you heard it right) and to post more then just nail art. But if you ever get bored by all the nails visit my Instagram and Tumblr. where there is a lot more other stuff on :) 

And how do I get out of my funk? I watch Cougar town!!! It's one of those shows that lift me up no matter how down I am :) So I did these nails to show my love for the show (at the same time this is my Sunday stamping mani - and yeah I know today is not Sunday #siphappens)

To understand the nails - the show is about 'Cougars', that live in sunny Florida and drink a lot of wine - also the flamingo is their mascot :) I had to freehand draw him becouse I don't have a stamp  :) I am in love with this look. And my favorite part if the ring finger aka the booze finger :)

For this look I used: Essence I got a crush on blue, Green scene, Inti inka, Flamino rose, Stamp me! white and black, Revlon fearless, Catrice Charlstons fame, Kiko Gold and Lavender, BM01, BM424, BM05 and Cheeky viva mexico.

Here are some promos of the show - to maybe understand a bit more about my inspiration.

Also I wanted to add this Jenna Marbles video where she talks about show obsession - and yeah I got all the symptoms when it comes to Cougar town :)

So girls what are your favorite shows?



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