Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hair chalk 6 colors review

A while back I got these hair chalks on eBay. They where crazy cheap and I just wanted to try something new and fun. I have relay bright blond hair and any color looks great on me. But also they wash off relay easily. So I got these chalks because I knew they will wash off each time I will wash my hair and I won't be depressed about it the way I am with real colors :)

Hair chalk tips: 
The usage is simple after washing your hair, while they are still wet just rub the chalk on the hair and the result is visible immediately. But after that wait for the hair to dry naturally - if you will blow dry them the pigment will simply fall off and the color will be a lot less visible. Don't apply the chalks on dry or mostly dry hair because again the color won't stick much and the colors wont be visible as much. When you are wearing these colors I recommend that you sleep with a hat or a scarf over your hair because the colors will stain your bed. It comes out of the sheets easily in a machine washer - but still it's creepy to have to wake up in a pool of green :)  
Also the chalk relay dries out the part of the hair when it's on the hair. If you will try to brush it when dry or use the hair straightener on the colored parts the hair will become hard and the pigment will fall off. So I recommend that you wear your hair in some kind off a up-do. I also have 2 black colored streaks on the sides of my head and with all the chalks the color didn't show on them. :)

It maybe seems like the chalks are problematic - but I disagree! They are so much fun! I don't regret the purchase. I wear my hair in a up do all the time anyways and when I wear my scarf to bed I feel like a pirate. So I recommend this buy to anyone who likes to change their hair color every 2 days :)

Red chalk - the only color that stayed on my hair even after washing them. But it disappeared after the 2nd washing. Also the only color that stayed vibrant after brushing and straightening :)

Green chalk - Here you can see how curly my hair is when air dried :)

Blue chalk - My personal favorite! It's the most perfect pastel blue ever! I almost ran out of it since I wear it a lot <3

Orange chalk - I thought I will hate this one - but it's a very sunny orange - I felt like Lady Gaga in the Telephone video :)

Pink chalk - I was afraid it will be a lot more neon, but it's a sweet little pastel color so I wore it a while thou I hate anything pink. 

Purple chalk - here I made the pictures such that you can see how dried and tangled the hair becomes. Since I didn't put the chalk on my roots I could make pretty buns with them and no one knew how messy they are. Also I added a picture of my hand how it looks when you apply the chalks. No worries everything comes out with warm water and regular soap. :)

And the hair I wore for New year - I did a fire ombre gradient! First I used the Orange chalk as base then over it I applied the Red chalk and now I am the girl on fire <3

I must admit I am in love with this hair chalks. They are so very fun to use and so cheap. At the same time they are a great gift for younger girls who want crazy colored hair but should not dye them with real colors :)

The time of carnival is coming here so let me know what color combinations would you like to see?! I love reading your comments :)



  1. Great review! They seem like a fun way to change up the hair :)

  2. Wow it looks amazing!!

  3. LUCKY!!! I got the hair chalk from the essence Floral Grunge collection and haven't even tried it yet. I don't know why I bothered, my hair's so dark I have to bleach it three times for color to show.... >_>

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