Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TNCC: Halloween Week #4

The last week of the TNCC Halloween challenge I won't be making a tutorial, I am fresh out :) This year for the 1st time, if a up coming swap goes well, I will eat some candy corn. Where I am from we don't have any - not part of the tradition. But with this nail shape and different colored glitters this is the perfect time for me to make some candy corn nails.

The base is Color club Gingerbread man, the glitter gradient is made with Modi First snow (white), Essence Gold rush (yellow) and LA Girl Flamboyant (orange). And there is a Seche vite coat over it all - I love how shiny they turned out :)

And some crazy flash picture that realy makes the white shine :)
Have you ever tried candy corn?



  1. I've never tried this nail polish brand but I love the baroque look you've created - very opulent! Xx


  2. Love the glitter!! lol I am not a fan of candy corn.


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