Thursday, October 3, 2013

Silly Lily polish haul

The other day I had a hissy fit because my no name Bichun that was a clear base with little moons in it became totally rock solid. And I decided I need something new with moons in it - but that has clear base. While stalking stuff on etsy I found Silly Lily polish and boy did I struck gold. I found the perfect moon and gold stars polish and then some :) So get ready for my review and swooning :)

First we have New year's eve that is a clear base with gold stars, silver moons and holo hex glitters. And the stars and moons are also very holoish. It's a very packed polish so no fishing was required. I had to make a galaxy nail to do justice to this swatch. I added one coat of top coat for this look.

Then we have the Just 4 fun mini collection. Unfortunately these pretties don't have names and funny/crazy names are one of those things I love the most on polish so I took the liberty to name them :) Let me just say this - the collection is 4 mini polishes with super packed glitter - no fishing was required in any of them and they only cost 10$. And 3/4 are completely unique glitters meaning I've never seen this combination before.

First we have what I named Glitter cake. It's a clear base bursting with small hex glitters that come in green, pink, lavender, blue and gold holo glitters - the best part is all the glitters are pastel shades. This is one coat over Barry M Blueberry Ice cream.

Currently I am on a crazy train to a land with no hex glitters so every time I see polish with non traditional hex glitters I must have it and these next 3 ones are exactly that :)

This one I call Lavender fields.  It's filled with pastel pink and violet dot glitters. Then we have lavender and same violet hex glitters. Thou the lavender ones are a bit bigger. This is one coat over China glaze Lemon fizz with a layer of top coat.

This one is an unexpected favorite one of mine I named Toxic rave. I am not a fan of neon pinks or greens but this one I love. The polish is a clear base packed with matte neon pink hex glitter, neon green square glitters and black square glitters. I love how they are all matte and they relay remind me of the old school rave outfits. This is one coat with top coat.

This pastel beauty I decided to call Let them eat cake because it reminds me of pastel backgrounds from the Marie Antoinette movie. Now hold on so I can count all the awesomeness that is inside ... The only 2 particles that aren't semi-sheer are the white and neon yellow square glitters. Then we have an array of semi-sheer particles like the little lavender stars, pastel pink hex glitters, yellow square glitters and pastel blue rhombus glitters. These are two coats over China glaze Starboard and a layer of top coat.

So this was a haul of epic proportions I can't believe how awesome the minis turned out :) You can always check out Silly Lily polish at her etsy store or her FB page.



  1. Oh my goodness those glitters look so fun!!

  2. Toxic Rave was named perfectly! Glitter polishes always steal my heart!

  3. I love love love New Year's Eve!

  4. A glorious glittering haul to say the least! ;)


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