Thursday, October 24, 2013

Haul post

Well I have not been a good girl and kind off over did it in the last few months so I am on a strict no buy untill the new Catrice Limited editions come out. But since I got so much stuff, my list of lemmings is growing smaller and what I currently desire most are nail art supplies :)

Here are my Australian swap mails. Angles live in Australia you can be sure of that :)

Some LE stuff I found in our stores :)

And a massive haul of Kiko mirror polishes when I visited Vennice - they truly are the best for stamping I wish I would have gotten a life supply of them :)

And I got these on the offical Essence and Catrice event. Bad bad blogger I didn't even try them out yet :(

Swap nail mail from USA - some of my dream come true - Aways wanted some  of these Disney villains products and I am in love with the wrapping paper I got. Somehow I need to make them into art for my work space :)

When I look at it like that - it's not that bad, the last few things I got were from swaps and as review items. The only good thing is that my wishlist is getting shorter and shorter :)



  1. Super pridobitve. Kje si pa kupila te paletke? Prekrasno mi izgledajo. :D

    1. Če misliš Halloween stamps - v Tedi trgovini - nametane jih imajo med displayem z Halloween maskami :)

    2. Ja, te sem mislila. Hvala, bom pogledala, če so v našem tudi na voljo. :)

    3. Good luck :) Jst sm jih ze neki casa nazaj dubila

  2. ..need...those...stamping plates.... =PPPPP Čudovite stvari si si kupila =)

  3. Glad I could help whittle down your wishlist. ^_^ You are an awesome swap buddy!


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