Sunday, August 25, 2013

TNCC week#3 LoL mani Draven the Glorious Executioner

So the TNCC challenge is still Around the world - so this week it's Noxus for me. It's the land where all the evil guys live in the League of Legends game :) So obviously all the hot guys live there :) One of my biggest crushes is Draven - he is a total douche bag and in love with himself . . . But for a good reason his weapons, tattoos and skills are awesome :) Thou for me personally I have big problems with playing him because I can't seem to get the technique of paying him - it requires to throw and catch his axes - proves way to complicated for me. But my BF is a pro at Draven play so this nails are from him :)
Here are some nails inspired by Draven he truly represents Noxus and all the baddies there :)

This is Draven - damn you gotta love that smile - you can see all the inspiration for the look :)
Draven the Glorious executioner

For this look I used Essence Ta-la-ra as the nude base. The gradient is made with Catrice Steel my heart (the same as mustaches), Color of honor and Zoya Chyna. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!white and black. The plate is A43 and I added some spikes like he has on his bracelets. I love how his mustaches and spikey grin turned out :)


Favorite Draven quote:

''Welcome to the league of Draven''



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