Thursday, August 29, 2013

TNCC week #4: LoL Thresh the Chain Warden

So the last place in this around the world challenge are the Shadow isles - the the dark spooky place where all the monsters and creepy crawlies live in the game League of Legends. The latest product from that place is Thresh. He is full of chains and carries a lantern in which he collects souls. All the green glow are the captured souls living inside him. A very Halloween champion if you ask me. He is fun to play and somehow the creators deemed him to be a support champion - even thou he is very evil :) Also during the game everything you kill leaves a soul and you must collect it - reminds me so much of every other video game where you must collect stuff from the ground :)

Thresh the Chain Warden

For this look I used OPI Solitaire, Essence Crack me white, Glisten up, China glaze for Audrey, Barry M Silver foil, Ridley road, Ulta3 Mojito, Catrice Ashley, Steel my heart, Depend no. 5011. And stamps made with LO01, MJ XIV, BM12, D6.

Shadow isles
The pinkie is supposed to represent the keys he is carrying, the ring finger is his face, the middle finger are the chains and the index finger are the stamps of souls. Some how everything got very shiny and most details are hard to see. But I still love the gray and turquoise combination :)

Thresh quote:
''What is the worth of the soul?''


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