Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TNCC: Around the world vs. LoL Lux the lady of Luminosity

So I am back from my trip in Croatia *haul post incoming* but still after gazing at their beautiful sea and magical sunsets I still don't feel much inspiration for this months theme. I wanted to make manis of places I wish to visit but that just got me to depressed...

So I decided to make manis inspired by League of Legends champions each coming from a different country. In the game the champions come from different lands so all of Demacians look very pretty with golden armors, the champions from Noxus are the 'evil ones' with more twisted looks, champions from Freljord are all some kind of frozen creatures... So this promises to be a interesting month :)

First of here is Lux she is the poster child of Demacia - the land of the good guys :) So everyone is very pretty, handsome, with golden armors ... In game Lux to me personally is infuriating to play against because there is one in every game and I personally find her boring to play. But her attack that shoots a lazer is one of those game moments that LoL is known for.

Lux the lady of Luminosity
I wanted to make a look that features her rainbow laser and her armor which is relay find cute. So the base is Essence stamp me!white only the pinkie has Perfect H2. I made the gold stamps with Barry M Gold foil and B27 stamp. The pinkie has one with Essence Sunset paradise and A59 stamp. The lazer is made with Catrice Red, It's all I can blue, Dance in Goin, Earnie & Birdie and Depend no. 227.

City of Demacia

So her in game brother is Garen and I already did nails inspired by him you can check out Here
A random cute picture of them I found in the google machine :)

Here is a screen shot of her epic lasor in action

Lux quote:
''Shhh! I'm charging my laser ... ''



  1. This is nice! :) No idea what I'm going to do, lol.

  2. This looks very interesting! Great job :)


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