Friday, August 30, 2013

Haul post

Here is my past few months haul - I am on a no buy. I only get stuff for swaps and HTF or LE polishes :) I still am not saving much money :) But from most hauls I already gave a lot of polish away to my swapping buddies or RL friends - that's how I feel better about myself :)

Recently I was very blessed when I met a few lovely Canadian ladies who supplied me with my biggest lemmings Color club Holos!!! Thank you all :)

A lovely friend of mine was visiting the USA and this is what he brought me :) One of my biggest lemmings couz I am obsessed with skulls :)

Ana my dear friend was spending her holidays in Germany and this is what she brought back for me :)

I spend a week in Pula (Croatia) and this is what I brought back - I kept only 3 of them :) Guess which ones

This is the entire Catrice LE collection miss Hysteria got for me - if you are interested in swatches check out this LINK she did amazing swatches :)

Here are some random LE and HTF (at least where I live) polishes I bought by myself for myself :)

Catrice Eve in bloom LE - review incoming :)

Here are the awesome Great Gatsby inspired earrings <3

I got these very cheap hair chalks so get ready for hair pictures in the future :)

And my phone went through a make over :)

Did you buy something nice for yourself these days?



  1. OMG so many great polishes you got there!! I'm swooning...

  2. Oh, i ja bijah u Puli, ali mjesec i pol. Pretpostavljam da si zadržala šljokičaste? :D
    Kolika količina lakova! Ja bih se onesvijestila od sreće :)


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