Friday, July 5, 2013

SWDNAC: Songs vs. LoL mani Vi the Piltower Enforcer

Just one word Vi is Badass! Not only does she *which is rare* wear high heels while she kicks ass - she is spunky, hot, tatted up and awesome while doing it. What is there not to love in a girl with giant metal hands and pink hair :) My favorite part of her besides the awesome hair *yeah there is pink stuff I like* is that her hands have so many little moving details even when she is not fighting :) And when you choose to play her she says: ''Punch first. Ask questions while punching.'' Damn what is there not to love? :)

A part of her release in the game was an awesome theme song that was playing when you were waiting to log in. I will paste it in the bottom :)

OMG I am in love with this look :)

For the look I used S-he no.155 that is a pink holo which I find the perfect base couz it reminds me of her hair. Then I made some decals out of Catrice Makes me smile and Back to black and some scissors with swirly edges. I wanted to give it a metaly effect. I spelled VI with some rhinestones and made the red and blue details that move on her hads. Then I free hand drawn the little pressure counter with Essence stamp me! black and white. And I added a little Berry M Gold foil dot.

Vi the Piltower Enforcer

Here is her theme song <3 <3 <3

''Vi stands for violence ...''
''Vi stands for vicious ...''
''Vi stands for vice ...''



  1. Awesome nails and awesome song <3 Vi looks very bangable :)


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