Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sailor moon challenge: Sailor starlights

Ok this is the last part of the Sailor moon challenge it was supposed to be Tuxedo mask nails. And so many girls noted their crushes on the guy when we were all watching this show. But I always found him a bit effeminate and average looking - not manly enough for my taste.

But I always found the Sailor starlights interesting - they were men that transformed into women. They were a boy band *note back then boy bands where the bomb*, looked exotic and wore awesome black shiny latex uniforms. And there were thee of them - plenty to choose from for a girlie crush :)

So I did a mani inspired by their uniform after they transform :)

For the look I used Essence stamp me!black for the black top layer. The lines and details are made with striping tape and with Catrice Lucky in lilac, Essence Upper green side and BeautyUK Aztec. I freehand draw the belt with Essence Fall for me and all the dots with Barry M Silver foil or Gold foil. The wings from their brooches I free hand drawn with Essence stamp me!white. After adding a thick coat of Essence better then gel top coat I fished out the stars out of my no name Bichun and the square out of Etude house Boom boom boom.

My favorite was Sailorstar healer the one with the white hair :)

Who was your favorite male character in this show?



  1. I know nothing about Sailor Moon but your mani is great! :)

  2. ... Sorry, Tuxedo Mask was too effeminate but men that transformed into women weren't? Okay.

    Your nails look great though, and I LOVE the diversity of characters this show had (even if it didn't make it to the dubbed version... good thing I like subs now ;D)

    1. ''Sorry, Tuxedo Mask was too effeminate but men that transformed into women weren't? Okay.''

      Hehe I am a complicated person ;) LOL I dunno thats how I saw it back then and I always never considered the boys and the transformed girls as the same person. I am glad to meet a fellow Sailor fan and tnx 4 your kind words :)

    2. That's a really interesting perspective... I have no idea how to respond XDD Can't wait til they come up in the show then! I better get watching~~

  3. I like your version as well. I'm just used to actually draw the characters that's why I also did it when I did my Starlights mani ^^
    And yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of Tuxedo Mask as well -.- hahaha


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