Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SWDNAC: Jewellery

I WANTED TO DO A JENNA MARBLES NAIL ART SO BAD!! I am a big fan and I wanted to do something inspired by her - she is the most hottest and funniest girl on the planet!! But then the other day I saw her Draw my life tag HERE and it got me so sad!!!! So now I decided to rly dedicate something for her. I know my following ain't big but all you lovely dolls out there check out some of her YouTube work I can guarantee she will make your day :)

So after seeing all her work I realised that her key/heart necklace is burned into my memory when I think of her. So that was my inspiration for the look :) So it's a jewelery challenge but just not mine:)

The base is Catrice Mint me up since in some of her clips she is wearing teal nails :) Over it it put Catrice Goldbusters or NYX Gilded glitter to make it a bit more full of glitter and awesomeness :) Over it all I stamped keys from LO01 with Catrice Copper cabana

Before the keys

Here is my favorite of her clips and a must see before I go out in case I forget how make up works:

And here is another one - it's a bit more 'political', but even since my BF saw it we just yell tnx Obama instead I love you or when we are angry *fun times* :) :) :)

Don't forget to follow the girl she is a bight bright happy light in my life and a great inspiration :)

Sexual Wednesdays FTW


  1. ooh that is soo sweet! im a big fan myself!! she is so friggin awesome! love the nails!!

  2. Sooo cute! I love Jenna Marbles xD

  3. I like this colour combination and i've just decided to buy the Mint Me Up however... ^^


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