Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sailor moon challenge: Sailor Mars

I always liked Sailor Mars - her fiery personality fitted her abilities. And I love that she was a holder of Japanese traditions because especially when the Sailor stars come a lot of it gets lost.

So for this look I wanted to give the effect of fire with some bow and arrows and I think it turned out great <3

Hope you like it :)

So here is what I used:
Pinkie: Femme fatale Scortchling as base and Models own Hedonist to freehand draw the Mars symbol.
Ring and Index: Gradient made with Catrice LE Vanilla love, Bring me peach and Red. The arrow is made with Barry M gold foil over it I added some Essence LE Winds of change to make it seem a bit more fiery. I added a rhinestone on my index finger to give it something extra.
Middle: The base is Essence Cookies & cream, the red collar is made with Catrice LE Red and the purple bow is Catrice Poison me! Poison you!, the stripe is made with Essence stamp me white and the red heart I fished out from Essence LE Sunshine and roses.

And here is she in action :)



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