Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Polish days: The No. 5

So this months theme is the number 5. Quite vague but I had the great idea of making it a 5 thing by using only 5 polishes and 4 of them should be toppers. I simply love the result.

*Small rant to follow*
I like many other bloggers hoard polish like crazy. And I realised it's mostly because I get easily hooked no new trends but also because I was constantly looking for Essence Grumpy dupe. And the other day I stumbled upon Essence Electric blue from their new line and the hunt was over!!! It's the perfect dupe! And my wanting is done. I barley want anything right now - I am so happy and at peace now that I don't even troll 'the internets' in search for the next big thing. Currently I am wrapped in a few more swaps and I am preparing a haul post from the past few months - but mostly I am on a involuntarily no buy :)

Sorry to get off topic this is my Polish days look:

So here is Essence Electric blue in all it's glory! It's a dark neon blue - think Nails inc. Baker street or Ulta3 Blue marlin. Pure perfection!!! I am in love <3 <3 <3

The 4 toppers I used from L to R are: LA Girl - Uninhibited - the classic black glitter, OPI Spotted black the unique effect, Barry M Croc - the special crackler and Essence Crack me! Black the classic black crackler.

Here are my 5 pretties in a row 
Did you ever found a polish that made you stop hunting for more?



  1. I have definitely involuntarily stopped hunting! I don't know why though, I just feel like I have everything I want. I do want the croc effect you've got up there but it's not available to me. Otherwise I'm good! 200 bottles is apparently enough.

  2. Nice manicure. I'm not the hugest fan of crackle polishes but your mani looks good :)

  3. Oooh I love this! Deffo goona be trying out a vibrant blue underneath crackle polish! Love it!

    Aysh xox


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