Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday stamping: Over orange base

I hate orange - this color just does not do it for me. But I found his new Catrice and I think it will do as a organge base. Catrice LE Bring me peach is the most perfect apricot color - it's not orange *couz then I wouldn't buy it* not is it coral it's a perfect apricot. Then I added some pastel yellow to make a gradient with Catrice LE Vanilla love. I made some stamps with Barry M Silver foil effect and the BM21 plate.
At the end I added the caviar beads from Catrice LE Sugar shock - I was not a fan of caviar look but Catrice could make me buy something semi-orange they can also make me buy some caviar beads :) I love that they are a coral-red-pinkish color that gives out the same colored shadows :)

I think it's a prefect spring time mani :)
Hope you like it :)

P.S.: Sry for being a bit late...


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