Friday, April 12, 2013

NOTD: The Tudors

Recently I have been in a funk and I decided to have a the Tudors marathon. Now I am all cheery and just grateful that I didn't live in the middle ages *even thou their outfits were awesome*.

I was so inspired by their dresses and background settings I decided to make something Tudor worthy. Then I realised I don't have any remotely pretty enough stamps for the look so I decided to make this swirly design since the entire show is about the destroying passion of King Henry VIII. And swirls remind me of that :)

The base is Essence LE The down is broken. Then I made 2 swirls with S-he stylezone no.215 and Catrice Forget-me-not. I thought it needed something more and I added some shards so it would look even  more like some kind off destroying whirlpool <3 Over the purple swirl I put Black cat Lacquer Frozen and over the red one I used Black cat Lacquer Love will tear us apart. Over it all I used better then gel top coat by Essence to smooth it out because I had to pile a lot of shards for this look.

I simply love the look and I will maybe make some more looks inspired by that show I just love it - and I bet I am the only one since every1 currently is watching Game of thrones *I am not - yet*

Hope you like it :)

My color inspiration the season promo with my favorite of Henry's VIII queen Anne Boleyn

And the biggest reason why I am in love with this show Henry Cavill  <3 <3 <3 

Some flash
Before I added the glitter 
Do you know the show? Which was your favorite queen?



  1. Krasno. Jaz sem obo┼żevala Tudorje. :D

  2. Tudori su super. Anne Boleyn je daleko ispred svih, najdraza moja kraljica :D

  3. Thank you both I am glad I am not the only fan :)

  4. I loved the first season, but when he killed anne boleyn, that's when it got boring for me....i thought the girl playing anne was just brilliant...

  5. I thought the same but each queen was interesting ... at least check out the season with catherine howard the 17year old who is brave enought to cheat on him :)

  6. This mani is quite lovely! The shards totally amped you the creme polishes! Very dimensional! Anne Boleyn was my fav Queen of Henrry the VIII's, as well. The actress who played her was very good--enchanting in the role. I love The Tudors! The costume designs were Awesome! For the women AND men! Ugh I'd love to own one of those gowns (or five!)!

    1. Hehe seems that everyone loves her the most :) And I agree the costumes looked awesome :)


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