Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NOTD: Autism awareness

I do not know any autistics so I can't imagine what their families go through. Bu a lot of my friends are teachers who are working with them everyday and I understand how difficult life of all involved can be.
The only thing I can personally identify with is the fact that I sometimes *dangerously so* want my life routine never to change and I hate human contact *except my BF*. I know it's not the same nor does it compare but somethings I might understand.

So on to the mani :) Autism also reminds me of the jumbled thoughts and what is more jumbled then a holo? So I used my 2 blue holos - the middle fingers are Jade Hypnose and the two outer fingers are Perfect H4. The Perfect H4 *stupid name I know* will be a part of my giveaway as soon as I reach 200 GFC followers or 300 FB likes :) Tell your friends and spread awareness :)

The Perfect H4 holo is a lot stronger then the Jade - think more the strength of of Laylas


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