Monday, April 15, 2013

Models own: Challenges vs. Swatches

I got a piece of the Models own Mirrors collection *currently I am obsessed with shard glitters* and I decided to make some swatches and at the same time each of them will be dedicated to a challenge or a cause that I am a part of via the many lovely FB groups.

This is what I got - get ready for some pretty pictures

Paint it blue Autism awareness
Base: Essence - The boy next door
Top: Models own - Freak out! (Clear jelly with magenta small hex glitter, light blue string glitters and the same colored blue shards, big dark blue hex glitters)

Monday mani Purple for Military kids
Base: Catrice - Vino tinto
Top: Models own - Boogie nights (Clear jelly with same sized magenta and dark blue hex glitters as in Freak out!, with extra big magenta hex glitters, lavender and gold shards)

NCC: Pastels week #2
Base: Catrice Khaki Perry and The Armee glow
Top: Models own - Hot stuff (Clear jelly with pink and magenta micro hex glitter (smallest of them all), gold square glitter and dirty rose pink shards)

Nail polish of the world - My introduction mani
Base: S-he no. 340
Top: Models own - Dancing queen (Clear jelly with gold, dark blue and dark green hex glitter, micro gold hex glitter, silver holo rhombus glitter and bright blue shards)

So how do you like this models own collection?


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