Thursday, April 25, 2013

Holo swatches from EU part 2

So here is the other part of Perfect holo swatches. Yesterday I posted the more bright colors - pinks and bronzes. Today I will show you the blues, purples and silvers.

They are the same dimensions as Maxfactor minis and cost 1,05€. All of these pretties are one coaters and can be used as stamping polishes. I had no problems with application meaning, there was no water base required and no bald spots appearing. Their only bad side is that they require quite a bit of shaking to be usable. The rainbow power is the level of Layla polishes <3

And *HERE* is the 1st part of my Perfect swatches :)

So today here we have:
H2 - The classic silver holo
H4 -  Is a bright blue holo (this will be part of my holo giveaway)
H7 - A dark purple - blueish holo (the darkest of the bunch)
H1 - Is a bright purple holo - a bit like the lavender one from yesterday :)

Keep the holo rainbow going these sunny days :)



  1. Super Pretty! Can you point where to buy these?

    1. I got them here but I don't know about their shipping prospects :)


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