Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Current obsession: Haulni' & pilelin'

I haven't done any haul posts in a while and somehow I lost track of what I got. But this month I won't participate in as many challenges as usual so I will try to swatch as many of these as possible :)

The other thing is I was so happy to see the huge response to my giveaway. A part of it was to answer the question: What would you prefer some Catrice or Essence LE or some more holos? The response was overwhelming so I decided to do both!!!
So as soon as I reach 200 GFC followers or 300 Likes on FB there will be giveaways :) Tell your frieds. And what to expect? I marked the haul pictures with little thunder bolts - all those items will be part of the giveaways :)

Let's get this party started then :)

I got lucky and picked up this LE perfume and polish set from Essence. I love the fact that this is the only set with actual polish that can't be bought in the regular line. And the perfume Like a first day in spring is deliciously sweet :)
Dodaj napis

Here are the Catrice LE Candy shock polishes and caviar. Damn you Catrice now you make me like pastels...

Catrice Play it blue will be part of the ALL CATRICE LE GIVEAWAY :)

I have been in search for a good top coat and the search is over! The new Essence Gel-look topcoat is a shiny - fast drying dream :) And here are the Essence nail art twins Romeo & Julia :)

The Nail art TWINS will be available as part of the ALL ESSENCE LE GIVEAWAY !!!

I went all out on this collection - Floral grunge by Essence was relay something up my alley I even bought some non polish stuff like the hairband and hair color * I've been into ombre hair as well not only nails*

Essence LE Madly purpled will be a part of ALL ESSENCE LE GIVEAWAY :)

These are Perfect holos - the name does them justice! They are friking cheap, one coat linear holos. I can't get my hands on Color club holos so these are great and I can't wait to show you the swatches because they are the best thing ever :)
The blue holo from Perfect will be a part of the giveaways :)

I am more and more falling in love with 'non-hex-glitters' and models own have this line of shard glitters and I just had to get them :)

More Perfect holos :) The bottles are just like MaxFactors but the content is very unique mix of Depend and Color club holo awesomenss...

The magenta Perfect holo will be part of the giveaway :)

And part of my 'non-hex-glitter' obsession is my growing love for Australian indie brands. So this is my Australian nail mail from the lovely Natalia :) Thank you doll :)

My favorite is the Gloss n Sparkle Goodbye sober day *Gotta love the name*

And I am a big energy drink fan so when I saw these pretties I just had to get them and then not sleep for 2 days :) The blue one that is blueberry flavored is the most delicious and I wish they would make it avalible all the time :)

Are you excited for the giveaways? What is your favorite part of the hauls, what would you like to see swatches 1st?



  1. I don't know what I want to look at. :) The Essence limited set looks so cute and every time I see Models Own It glitters, I'm stunned.

  2. Oh koliko noviteta! Impresivna dopuna kolekciji :D. Darivanja su uvijek cool, a komadi koji će ići u njega mi se megasviđaju.
    Najviše bih željela vidjeti swatcheve šljokičastih sa zadnje slike. Gdje ima za kupiti ovoh Perfect holos lakova? :D

  3. I love catrice and essence Limited edition stuff, but if i'm a few days late the best stuff is sold out and i cant find it anywhere...makes me sad :(

  4. Hey there, so I'm really bad about checking my form to see other nail bloggers and I saw your request. Congrats you have a new follower. Great blog. Hope you are also following me. Look forward to seeing more of your posts. Have a great day :)


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