Sunday, April 14, 2013

AIS: French king in spring colors

My humble opinion is that the new sping colors are holos! Sry but after more then half year of snow pastels just don't do it for me :) Nor do flowers - I am one of those girls who don't like flowers *waves to the other 2 on the planet who feel the same* but I do like fluer- de - lil's that are sort-off flowers :) And currently I was in a deep the Tudors marathon so I combined all these elements in this glorious Sunday stamping mani.

I used holos for the base and for the stamp and used some 'flowers' for the spring aspect and it was all inspired by the lovely and fickle french king Francis I.
The base is China glaze Strap on your moonbots, the stamp is made with Perfect H4 and konad stamp M15.

BTW the stamping polish Perfect H4 will be part of my giveaway as soon as I hit 200 followers or 300 FB likes :) Tell your friends :)

Here is a very hadnsome Francois I from the Tudors - always dressed in blue <3


  1. Oj, sem videla to tvojo manikuro na ARS-u in se začudila, da še ne poznam tvojega bloga. TAKOJ FOLLOW!!! ;) Aja, noro dobra kombinacija holotov! ;)


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