Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday mani: Frozen moss

Couz I am not a fan of jelly polishes I don't layer much. Why I don't like them? Because if I get a polish why on earth would I want to make 5 layers of it to reach opacity?

For me creative layering is glitter and base that actually go great together - not some random combo that you put on just so the polish base will stay on longer. *Guilty of this a lot BTW* :)

So for this look I used Catrice Hugo moss as base. The brush is horrible but the color is so perfect you forget all about it. It needed 3 coats so I could get the relay dark green/almost black effect but two coats where plenty for opacity. Then I added Frozen from Black cat lacquer. It's a pretty collection of different sized shards that come in purple, silver and teal suspended in a clear base. It needed 2 coats of a top coat because sometimes these shards stand out and poke you without it.

Hope you like it :)

With flash

No flash

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