Friday, March 8, 2013

Gangam style swatches

Currently I am having a bunch of issues with my nail mail from USA so I ordered something from the other side of the Earth - Korea. And I can't praise these polishes enough. So much so I decided to show you guys some swatches thou I hate making them.
I choose the ones that look the most like indie brands since let's face it some of them are quite pricey and these are cca. 6€ a piece including the postage.

From L to R: Etudehouse - Boom, boom, boom and DJ Show, Missha Peridot

The base is Catherine Arley a golden 'holo' but it's a total disappointment. The holones is in the micro glitter that almost never shines - the holo effect is visible only with a lot of flash - no a recommended buy when it comes to holos. Here there are two coats.

Etudehouse Boom Boom Boom is a clear base with matt black and white bar glitter of the same size. Everything else are the white, black, bright and dark red, purple and silver diamonds. Here I had to glob it on for this effect or I could just two coat it and it would be the same. It drys fast, the formula is a bit watery and smells like something I've never smelled before *don't ask me for the ingredients I can't read the description*. The brush is flat and has a straight end - a polisholics dream.
The glitters of both shapes are plenty so no need for a lot of fishing for them.

How awesome are these? Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland <3

Here I used Depend  no. 227 for base. A lovely greenish turquoise with silver mini shards, that work like a strog silver shimmer. Here are two coats.

This is Etudehouse DJ Show and it's my favorite of the haul. This is only one coat! It has clear base with micro black dot glitters and matte square black glitters. And everything else is bar glitters in deep purple, dark green and silver. The bars are quite thin and long - longer then Kleancolors Grand finale. The brush is the same and so is the smell. The formula is a bit thicker but still very easy to apply. But I was sold on the black micro glitter I've never seen anything so small and pretty, there are so many of them it seems like the jelly base is gray :)

This is Missha Peridot. This one seem most promising and indie brand looking but somehow DJ Show stole my heart. As base I used S-he stylezone no. 314. Then I applied two coats of Peridot. First of all let me say it's scented! On their site is says that some ingredients are strawberries, hibiscus and pumpkins - but it smells like grapes. I just love it! The polish has a really bright green jelly base. The most prominent is the gold hex glitter, the orange hex is a lot more scarce, the prettiest are the over sized green hex glitters. Let me say no need for fishing for the big ones - the polish is packed with glitter :)

Over all I am so happy to ordered this brands and with the ever rising prices of the USA brands/postages I think I will order a lot more of these. All are available on eBay :)

Which one is your favorite?



  1. you are changing the shape of your nails? saw a girl yesterday with this shape, only longer...i was a bit jealous - it does look pretty good.

    1. Yeah I like them a bit more becuse they look so evil specially if they are all red or black :) It dosen't require much skill or work to make them seem like this :)

  2. Gorgeous! I also have Boom Boom Boom, it's a hot crazy mess but I love it!

    I am definitely ordering more from this brand! And thank you for letting me know the name of mine!


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