Sunday, February 3, 2013

Current obsession: Making swatches and never posting them on time

It's not so much of an obsession as a defect of my poor time management skills. Between work, school and two nail art challenges - I have the time to make so swatches but then I forget to post them and then I see they are already posted out there by far superior bloggers. So these pictures just stack up in my pixx vault. So I decided to make those posts now in a picture heavy post.

My 1st comparison is two Blue holos both have 2 coats on. The Depend holo will be a part of my giveaway.
I will let pictures do the talking.

The 2nd comparison is of red holos both have 2 coats. All had Catrice LE Madame Butterfly as base. Depend no.2027 Raspberry will also be a part of my giveaway when I reach 100 GFC followers.

Here I also got all 4 OPI Liquid sand minis. That I must say didn't like as much as I thought because the ruff feeling that is created relay is not something I like. I keept scratching my self with it and was afraid that I will poke someone with it and actually hurt them. And I really did not want to add on a top coat couz them the sand portion of the awesomeness would be gone.

My favorite is the ring finger <3
The last one is swatches of all Catrice LE Neo Geisha polishes.

Promo picture

Pretty bottles with sakura branches

Don't forget to follow me via GFC when I reach 100 followers there will be a giveaway with Fantasy fire and Depend holos :)

Let's hope I will get on track with all my work at some point.


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