Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TN31DC: Day 14 - Stamping vs. Twisted Fate

Stamping is one of those things I am just no good at. I have problems with alost the entire project. So I tried to make it fun with a fun theme. I loved the rugged gambler theme ever since I saw Gambit in the X-men. So in LoL there is Twisted fate. His attacks are throwing cards - and you have to gamble on wich type will it be.  Hes an interesting concpet and a sexy character but for playing I don't realy like him. But hes hot and interesting from time to time as you can see from the bottom picture.

I used Catrice Sand francisco as base on the last two fingers. On the first two I used Catrice Marily & Me. For stamping I used Essence black is back for the black parts and also for the hand drawn card detail on my index finger. The red in stamping was used Essence Do you speak love? All the stamps are from BM19. I did an over lapping stamp on the pinkie, and a gradient one on the ring finger. The middle finger is a simple black stamp with H&M Glam glitter over it.

Hope you like it :)

Twisted fate the card master - Inspiration

And I just love how this ring plays into the look

'' Cheater's just a fancy word for winner. ''


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