Monday, January 7, 2013

TH31DC: Day 7 - Skittle vs. LoL Kennen

Well it was skittle or ombre challenge but I chose skittle and thunderbolts which have me obsessed currently. So pretty and shiny and most important easy to make.
My inspiration was a LoL champion Kennen. Hes a cute little spitfire ninja hamster thingy. I played his a few times. More for the fact that I thought if he uses thunder - like Volibear - he has to be awesome. But he's not ... I dunno just didn't do it for me. And when it comes to the most important question ever: Pirate or Ninja - I always go for pirates so I think I have a natural aversion to ninjas. But this mani is still Awesome - so proud :)

So the bolts are all made with Essence LE Silver twister. The base polishes are from pinkie to thumb as follows: Catrice how I matt your mother, Catrice Steel my heart, Essence Fall for me, Essence Blues of being cool and Fall for me again :)
Please excuse the destroyed top I took a photo a bit late in the days and there is some damage :)

Skittle bolts

Kennen - the Heart of the Tempest

Arctic Kennen design

''Yes they do make shiruken that small.''


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  1. What a great idea. I love that you added the lightning bolts.


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