Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sat-ART-day: Sci - Fi

Not personally a big fan of Sci-fi I'm more of a History fan :)
But my BF introduced me to Frank Herberts DUNE books and I love them. I read all of them! Ironically I like stuff that was written after his death by his son better then the original work.
So a big part of it is the dessert planet Arrakis in the sands there live Sandworms so that was my inspiration. And on this planet they get Melange - think of it like V from true blood only it can also fuel spaceships :) I just simply love the books because they cover the history of an entire universe over millennia. I love how crazy detailed it is.

So for the mani I used Ruby kisses Champagned out and CG Kalahari kiss (the perfect name for this look) for the base. To make the crackled look I used CG Cracked medallion. To make the Melange bubbles I used Kleancolor Chunky copper. To make the Sandworm finger I used CG Lubu heels to make the base. The skin is made with Catrice Steel my soul, the jaws with Essence meet me now! and the teeth are made with Vollare city no.01.

Hope you like it :)

Do you guys  know the Dune books?


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