Thursday, November 15, 2012

NOTD: Cheap and easy

Wow from the name it seems I'm making a commercial for an escort service :) But no ... the other day I was rummaging around the 1€ store and found those nail art guides. I just love them they are cheap and made of a sort of plastic so they don't dissolve under polish.

To make the look I used Catrice Salsa cubana as the neon coral base and the tips are made with China Glaze Flying dragon. But for some reason that CG looks totally matte on me so I used Essence hello holo as a top coat :)

Hope you like it :)

With flash

No flash
The 1€ nail tip guides - gotta love the price
What was you cheapest buy?



  1. Flying dragon is a matte polish;) I love these colors together!

  2. Super pretty!! I didn't even know they made the guides in this shape it's awesome!! :D

  3. I love the manicure! and the guides are so cool!


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