Thursday, November 29, 2012

LoL mani: Thunder lord Volibear

Let's continue the Volibear awesomeness :) This is inspired by hes second skin (which I own *so proud*). It has all my favorites - gold, black and metallic :)

So for this look I used Essence piece of forever for the base. To make the black gradient I used Essence gold old Buffy. The accent finger has S-he no. 345 as base and the gold gradient is made out of Essence make it golden. The silver tips are made with Essence silver twister and the blue bolt on my thumb is made with Coral prosilk Las Vegas no.505. As a top coat I used Essence Prince Charming to still give it that snow and thunder look that makes it very Voli :)

Thunder Lord Volibear

'' Is that a challenge?''


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