Monday, October 8, 2012

This is Halloween challenge: day 3 - ghosts

Spooky! I never seen a ghost personally but I am ready for some new acquaintances ;)

So I choose Spectra Vondergeist from the Monster high series .. I know that I am to old to like stuff like this but .. I <3 THIS SHOW!!!
I love her look she is the old school ghost with ball and chains :) I think I will use a lot of those characters from the show in the future Halloween challenges...

I used my own franken for black thumb, Essence silver twister for the chains on all the nails. Essence Ballerina's charm and break through for the gradient with LA Girl jostle as top coat. Berry M silvery lilac for the spectral looking duocrome nail. For the fish net look I used Catrice sing: hey dirty lillah! and my own franken.

My inspiration

Here are the other participants:

(Submissions close in 5d 15h 41m)
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