Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Halloween challenge: Freestyle halloween

I have no clue what freestyle Halloween is? Most talented ladies so far did black & white combinations or something with spiders. I h8 spiders but i got an idea that didn't came out right so I'm using it here.

I used China glaze fast track and Berry M burgundy croc with ''blow dart technique''. But the croc effect isn't as visible as I wanted. So this is the result :)

Hope you still like it :)

Here are the other lovely participants:

(Submissions close in 7d 7h 15m)
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  1. ooh gin I love this! fast track is one of my favorite! I love the croc red too!

  2. Awesome <3 Res pridem enkrat na tutorial, jst tega ne znam delat :(

  3. I found your blog through "My lucid bubble" and I'm really amazed! Yesterday I did my first nail art and it was so much fun!
    I'm following you!


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