Monday, October 1, 2012

The Halloween challenge - day 1 - Trick or Treat

I decided to enter in two Halloween challenges. It's not my favorite holiday, nor do we 'technically' celebrate them in my country.
But non the less why not this is fun ... and gloomy topics are right up my alley.

For the 1st day I made this colorblock look because the colours relay remind me of cotton candy. It's one of my favorite sweets. But impossible to get it in a treat basket. So it's my Halloween White Whale ;)

I used Catrice Blues brothers vol II. for the only dark blue finger. The other ones have either Catrice LE Salsa cubana or Catrice Blue cara Ciao with Depend no.252 top coat for the glitter look.

Here are the other lovely participants:

  (Submissions close in 6d 11h 6m)
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