Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LoL mani: Shen the Eye of Twilight

Right now I'm wrapped up in two monthly challenges but this masterpiece happened while experimenting for them. I must say it's one of my greatest works so far. And it contains my favorite color combo.

So since is so dark and shadowy i decided it must be a bit ninja inspired - therefore this is a Shen post. I played his once was not impressed. Somehow most of the original/classic LoL character just bore me when it comes to game play.

I used Essence LE grumpy and made a black gradient over it with Catrice LE Drama queen, and then used Essence matt top coat over it all. A very subtle golden shimmer is still visible in the black.

And ignore the rings they relay don't fit the ninja theme :(

Shen the Eye of Twilight 

''Enforced equilibrium.''   <---for all not LoL players these are the quotes from the champions ingame


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