Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's do the time warp challenge: day 1

OMG!!!!! Currently I'm wrapped in two different challenges this month... But i found this one and I'm so excited!!!!! Its all history and vintage inspired. So 1st of all thank you Nail polish Canada and Neverland nail blog <3 <3 <3

Here are the challenges :

I should have been born in ... Baroque era 

I think it's noticeable from the name of my blog that i am possessed by the kitch of Baroque. I simply love the decadence, gold and filigree everywhere. To live there i would be ready to lose my head (Marie Antoinette pun ;))

So I used Catrice Goldfinger as a base polish on all the nails. The pink one is S-he stylezone no.155. It's a weak holo. It's a colour that reminds me of the fluffy princess dresses from that time. To make the golden holo nail i used 2 coats of Depend no.2026. The mixed colours glitter is Bichun (no name). The other finger has on Kleancolor Carat on (<3 the diamond shaped glitters) and another Bichun on my thumb.

At the bottom i posted some pixx from Versailles, they where definitely the inspiration ... Ahh so shiny :)

Note the two kinds of holo effect

 Here are the lovely works of the other paricipants:


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