Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LDTTWC: Lights, camera, action!

So this time we had to pick a movie, song or book that fills us with nostalgia.
I choose Th Bride of Frankenstein. I hate black and white movies, but this one is the only one I love. I've read the original Mary Shelly novel Frankenstein and i fell in love with it. The run, the chase and the misunderstood monster - like pages out of my diary ;)

The lovely bride in the movie is awake just a few minutes, just so much she can decline Franks love :(
But her image is iconic, everyone knows how she looks like. I can't believe she became so well known for just a few seconds on the silver screen (eat your heart out Lady Gaga).

I used Essence black is back as the base polish for the hair and the stitching on the green skin. Vollare city was used as the white streak in the hair. And Catrice LE Innocent toxin is used as the green skin on the colorblocked finger.

Ahh and a side note, I love the girl so much i myself am sporting an inverted Bride of Frankenstein hairdo (not so tall as hers OFC), blond hair and black streaks on the side ;)

The only thing i don't like is that this looks so Halloween-ish ;(

The moment when she refuses poor Frankies love ;(

Here are the other participants :

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