Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall haul

So finally everything came in the post and i can show everything i got in these past few weeks ;)
Now it's gonna be work time for me! couz I'm broke ;(

Bichun (no names), S-he stylezone no.320, Deborah - french manicure, Vollare  city, Depend holo no. 2026

Kleancolor minis - Jingle splash set and What girls talk about set

And my new earrings - these guys flap around like crazy ;)
Is it weird that I'm the most excited about the earrings? I still have 1 more pair at home, couz i made them myself. So any takers can contact me ;)

Are there things that excite you more then polish?


1 comment:

  1. haha love those earrings!! :) I am so ready for fall and winter! lol, (confession time) I'm already listening to christmas music!! :P hehe, anyway, I wanted to say that those earrings just scream me!


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