Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 day challenge: day 4 - Green

So I'm still trying to keep up with this challenge, but as most colors so far green is rly not my thing... And i tried to use some tape to make a patchwork mani. I think you will agree i need some more practice.

So the base colour is S-he no.314 and matt top coat. The little patches are made with Catrice After eight and Deborah sense tech no.10.

I hope still some1 will appreciate the effort ;)

Did all your 1st attempts at a technique succeeded?

And here are the other talented ladies that are participating:

(Submissions close in 19h 17m)
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  1. I think this greyish green suits you, do you ever try teals, khaki, army greens or dark olive polishes? I saw this in a thumbnail at gnarly gnails & followed. LOVE that ring !

    I don't even bother trying the nail art type stuff.

    1. Tnx 4 the lovely comment - and no i only love strong punchy colours when it comes to greens and teals - since they are not my favorite colours :)
      and this one is realy easy to do you just need some sticky tape ;)


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