Sunday, September 16, 2012

31 day challenge: day 16 - tribal print

Well these prints that are here considered tribal are some kind off aztec carpet prints.But i don't really like them. To me they seem like those wool winter sweater prints. The girls that did this challenge before me made it great but i was just not in the mood to put a lot of effort into something that will look like a sweater at the end.

So i went simple and made a croc effect nails. I'm certain some people who lived with the people with tribal prints wore crocodile skins. So i consider this historically correct ;)

I used Essence met me now! and Ballerina's charm as base polishes and over it i used Berry M black croc effect.
Hope you like it even thou it's a bit different :)

Here are the other participants:

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Is there a print you don't like?



  1. I am not the biggest crackle polish fan,but I just love how that one looks!

    1. I just used it again 2day and it caome out completly different. The point is that you have to dry it with a hair dryer and it comes out different everytime ;)


  2. Not a tribal print lover either :) Love the croc effect, I'm borrowing it next time ;)

  3. LOVE this croc effect, you have reminded me that I own this and I really need to try it out soon!


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