Thursday, August 9, 2012

LoL mani: Diana - Scorn of the moon

So I deiced this won't be a normal nail polish, make up and fashion related blog ... the most important thing here will be the Inspiration!!

There for I present the 1st LoL (League of legends) inspired mani. I was so happy there is a champion that is so similar to me so I created this. My other current obsession is Colour Block (everything!!!). So this mani contains both Diana and colour block. It is made of Catrice 915 George Blueney, Essence 143 I'm the boss! and 136 Love's recipe (BTW a good supplement for Irreplaceable that is going out of business). So most of the fingers have on blue due the dark nature of Diana, and some gray that only enforces it, so just 1 finger is bright as a pale moonlight ray in the dark night.
Diana Inspiration (Original skin)

143 I'm the boss
915 George Blueney
How important is inspiration for your make up and nail polish?

"Deny me no longer."


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