Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NOTD: Colorful feathers

There are so many amazing and colorful nail polishes out there! I love all the shimmers, holos and flakies! And a constant #goals of mine is to make a manicure that features all of them. But this time I choose only 2 of my favorites - a polish with a holo finish and one with flakies inside. This is what came out - and I ain't mad at it. 

The gradient that is the base is made out of 3 jelly polishes, meaning they are made out of pure pigment and don't have any extra details in the color. Than I made a holo base stamp and over it I added a layer of flakie glitters. Then I stamped over it again ... 

For the gradient base I used Barry M Bluebarry, Sinful colors We're all matte here and Essence Stuck on you. The holo base is made with Color club Harp on it polish & BM-XL353 plate. The flakie top coat is Essence Galaxy far, far away. And the top feather stamps are made with Essence Stamp me! black and BM-XL358 plate. 

Doesn't this manicure just smell of a hot Indian Summer? Feel free to visit Glam - express to find more beauty tips that will help you get ready for all the amazing Summer parties ;) 


Friday, May 19, 2017

Cien Nail polish review

Everyone has their own favorite grocery store and mine is Lidl. They are all over where I live and all the surrounding countries, which makes me so happy since I know that no matter where I am I can always count on getting all I need for a great price! 
They always get me hooked on all type of special offers of food and drinks from all over the world. But recently they started offering even more items, from the fashion, home living and beauty world. And you guys ... even nail polish! Can you imagine how happy I was to get my claws on their entire collection? 

They are from a brand named Cien and I knew their brand from before since I got their shower gels that were mesmerizing - so soft and intoxicating smelling. So I have high hopes for the polishes. Just so you know it is not common to stumble upon nail polish in a grocery store here, so to have the luxury to pick up some cosmetics while shopping for food is amazing to me. 

The collection features 5 nail polishes and 1 top coat polish, they come at a 1,49€ for a 11ml bottle. Quite cheap - which scared me a bit, I did not expect much quality ... but I was super wrong about that, should have known since they are made in Germany a land known for high quality products. 
The polish formula is quite normal, no strange smells or any bleeding pigment issues. Meaning the application and the removal of them was simple + problem free. 
The brushes can rival any other cosmetic store brand, since they feature a rounded shape and soft bristles that make application easy and fast. The drying time was impressive, a lot of high end brands can't come up with this type of quick drying time. 

I didn't create and extra picture with just the top coat since that just does not make sense. But I used it over every swatch. It was drying just as quick as the colored polish and it did not destroy my stamping manicure which is always the most important test for me. The shine it created was quite impressive and it helped with the tip wear.

First shade is Metallic rose. OMG! Another perfect rose gold metallic polish. This is a shade so hard to get right and Cien pulled it off! But it did dry a bit streaky as you can see. I guess I should have applied it differently? Or maybe shake the bottle a bit more violently? But no matter I still like how it turned out and it took only 1 coat for full opacity. 

Red carpet is the most classic fire engine red shade you can think of. A staple in every nail polish collection. I rather liked it since it is pure red pigment of the jelly type. It took 2 layers to make these swatches. And with the top coat the shine is blinding, I recommend it to any lady on the go.

Berry passion is a chic dark berry violet shade. A lovely vampy creme with slight blue undertones. Since it is such a dark shade it took only one thick coat for full coverage, once more I created a swatch without any problems. I was worried that it might smudge my cuticles upon removal, but I had no such problems. 

Nude brown has a slightly misleading name. It is a sandy brown type of nude, so if you are very pale like me it does not look like a nude shade at all. But still it is a very neat creme full of pigment and no shimmer. For this swatch I used 2 coats. 

Lastly there is Frenchlook rose, a romantic almost white pastel nude. A very annoying color to work with if you don't like these type of shades, it is very sheer and a bit problematic for application, you need to either make very thick layers or very thin ones. I choose to create 4 very thick layers to gain the full opacity look, with that the drying time got a bit longer but well worth the wait.

So my final verdict is that these polishes are well worth the price. They are easy to use, and of a very high quality. And what is more fun than while buying some wine also getting the perfect red nail polish for date night? Or if your lady is a bit angry at you at home - get her some chocolates (Lidl has killer chocolates) and a full collection of this polish - I bet you will be in her good graces in no time ;)

Feel free to check out more about Cien and Lidl on their pages, and social media. They are very active and if you are a Slovenian reader follow them and get all the fresh information for their many discount prices and sweeps.


*these items were sent to me for my honest review* 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Catrice ICONails polish review

OMG You guys!!! I am shook! Did you see my Instagram post about the most amazing package I got from the nail polish angels at Catrice? If not you missed out! They sent me the items in a color tin can - I died! Best nail mail ever! Inside were the 3 amazing new polishes from their new line named ICONails. I can't wait to get started on the swatching <3 

So what is so different in this collection of nail polishes? Catrice has one of the best color choices on the market if you ask me, but now they chose to vamp up their formula to make their polish even longer lasting. They added a 'shock - shield' system into the colors, meaning they created a balance in the liquid between elasticity and stability. So the chipping can be avoided over 7 days. There even is an addition of acai oils in the polish to gently nurture your natural nails. 

Also they have the 'salon pro' type of bottle caps, you can see it on the pictures above. There is a small easy to hold top that helps with you accuracy when its application time. The brush is rounded and made of soft bristles, truly a dream brush! <3 

This is Will you be my brightsmaid? the shade I was least excited about. I am just not a fan of this bright pink almost white type of polishes. I know they are a big hit with a lot of ladies but this romantic shade is not for me. 
I appreciate the fact that is not as streaky and patchy as these type of jellies usually are. The application was flawless but it still took 3 layers to get to this level of opacity. I must admit when I did the accent nail with the bright blue - I fell in love - remind me to create a full nail art look with this combination. 

Next there is Nails on fire, this color just did not want to look authentic on the camera. It is a lot less orange in person, but just as neon as you can see it here. Dear god this is one vibrant color! It is a neon red with slight purple undertones and not orange ones. 
The application was easy due to the brush and the formula, it took only 1 thick coat for full opacity and coverage. A great choice if you want a shiny red polish that you want to apply once and then not need to worry about it anymore. 

Lastly there is Rust in piece, my favorite of the bunch. A dark maroon type of purple, the perfect goth color, if you don't want to go for the classic black. Since it is so dark the application was simple. One thick coat and I was done. And once more the incredible formula shined through, no top coat required. 

My verdict? The ICONails nail polishes are amazing! You can see all the thought that was put into creating them. They are of a quite higher quality then their normal polish. I must admit for these swatches I didn't use any top coat or any base coat, so they lasted approx. 5 days each, which is a lot for me, since I have a lot of chipping issues. I highly recommend that you get any of the colors that caught your eye, since they are a great bargain considering how easy they are to use and how strong the pigmentation of the polish is. 

In case you want to learn more about this brand visit their WEB PAGE or any of their social media where you can get the newest updates about their polishes and all other beauty products that are beyond amazing. Always the first that I check out when I hit any beauty shop.


*the items were sent to me for my honest review* 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

NOTD: Touch of Midas

I like making artsy nail art, the type that does not stay in the borders of the nail beds. I like using my nail art supplies for that or even adding some make up on my fingers. Maybe I will upgrade to work with Henna at some point ... 

I got this idea of colors in my head, then I just piled on the stamps and they seem so regal and royal to me. But from a court of an old Greek court of something. Then I remembered the legends of the Greek king Midas. So I just kept adding more and more gold details. 
Now I am covered in gold and in love with my nails, but not being able to do much around the house since this manicure is way to artsy to be practical :)  

For this manicure I used China glaze Home sweet house music and Barry M Guava polishes to make a mix of linear gradients. Then I stamped over them with Kiko Gold metallic polish, I also used it to make the gold dots on my fingers. The stamping plates I used are BM-XL353 and BM-XL358.

Check out the page Glam - express to see more of my work, or of any of the other beauty bloggers that post their fabulous work there. 


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

AVON Little sequin dress

Avon was kind enough to send me this little gem and just on time since I used up my old fave perfume. I am always happy to try out new scents, since I am not very picky when it comes to them, I usually get excited over anything. And I love this one as well! It comes in a 50ml bottle that has a sequin sticker on the back which makes it shine when you handle it! Fun <3 

The scent is quite intense and feminine, something that pair well with hot Summer nights and cold Winter mornings since it is both sweet and fresh. I can smell some notes of tropical fruit - like mango with a bit of nectarine. But the freshness comes from the smell of fresh cut flowers you bring in from your garden. A lovely scent, that stays with you for quite some time and even through the day is your don't exert yourself. Also the smell lingers around you, I got quite a few compliments when I wore it :)

The best part of it all no matter where you are from Avon is available to you! So visit their WEB PAGE and online store. Or if you like to be more in touch with all their newest updates follow them on their social media pages:


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tutorial: Light in the dark nail art

It is no secret that I am bit of a goth girl, meaning I have a tendency to like all things dark. The same goes for nail art, but I know I need to let more light and positivity in my life. So this is my attempt at letting more light in my life, through my nail art :) 

What you need for this manicure is a good dark opaque black, I used Tedi black. A couple of different metallic polishes. I used p2 Steel drama, Essence Purple with a purpose, China glaze Sci - fly by and Catrice In the armee glow. I also used a shimmery purple top coat named Essence Magic play of light. You will also need a make up sponge *sorry I forgot to put it in this photo*

Step 1: Apply the most light of all the colors you choose as base.
Step 2: Apply all the colors at once with the make up sponge, the best way to do that is to make small blobs of the colors randomly on the sponge, and than gently dab them on the nails. If the polishes are a bit sheer, repeat the process a couple of time to make the look opaque. 
Step 3: I added a coat of the purple shimmery top coat to make it more magical.
Step 4: Make an edge with the black polish. This is a guide line on how your nail art will progress.
Step 5: With the dry brush technique I mentioned a million times start making strokes. Start from the edge of the nail and drag the color inwards. But make sure you leave enough of the colors outside. The simplest way to do the dry brush is that you drain your nail polish brush on a piece of paper and that at the end drag it along the nail.
Step 6: Do the same all around the nail. This will get messy if you are clumsy like me.
Step 7: Time for clean up and top coat. 

This is my light in the darkness manicure. Somehow it turned more deep while I was making it, more and more I see that nail art is my therapy. It helps me to get calm and focused again, a great way to deal with life. Maybe something to try even if you don't like nail art. A new art of meditation ;)

Check out Glam - express for more beauty tutorials of all kinds, created by bloggers from all over the world. 


Monday, May 8, 2017

Tutorial: Teal argyle manicure

I am still on the happy Spring colors train - but I wanted to go super abstract with the background and add a fancy argyle pattern on top. This is the mix of all my ideas personified - and I low key like it :)

In case you want this very softly colorful manicure you will need a white base, I used OPI Alpine snow. 3 pastels, mine are Essence Upper green side, Catrice Vanilla love and Sinful colors Mad matter. For the stamps I used BPS Teal polish and the QA24 plate. For the other supplies you will also need some stripping tape and a make up sponge

Step 0: This is just a picture of the sequence of the colors I used for this manicure. I applied it all the same, but on different parts of the nail. 

Step 1: Apply base color.
Step 2: Apply the striping tape. I choose a radial pattern. 
Step 3: Apply the mix of pastels. I added them over only the edge of the nail. Since pastels can be a bit on the sheer side, feel free to apply the gradient multiple times. 
Step 4: Remove the striping tape. And apply the gradient on the other nails. I choose to do it only on the pointy edge of my nails. 
Step 5: Apply the stamps. I choose to do that over the parts where I added the gradients.
Step 6: Clean up time! And a don't forget a lot of top coat since manicure that require striping tapes tend to be a bit more textured. 

And now you have it - a cute and fancy pattern. I must admit that the nails look a bit better in person since the different bright colors are a bit more visible then on the photos. But still I don't consider this look an all over fail. 

If you are looking for more nail art or make up tutorials feel free to visit the page Glam - express, they are a great source for tutorials from bloggers all over the world. 

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