Friday, January 5, 2018

WitchCraft nails: Dark magic

What magic is and how people see it is up to them. I know there are heated debates about it at all time (don't ever fall down a hole of wicca websites and forums). I don't see it as white or dark - only the color of its intent. 'Light' if it is used for good and 'dark' if it is used to harm others. 
But currently I am in a dark mood and if I could do any actual magic, I think this is how my spells would look like if they would shoot a movie about my work later :) But after making this look I realised it looks like a fancy and a bit vampy New Years / Festive look ...

source: tumblr
But at the same time these nails turned out looking like a dark galaxy. And I am quite excited about that since they look very interesting and layered. The more I turn my hand around the more my nails show new dimensions <3  

To create this dark manicure I used S-he stylezone no. 317, Essence Date in the moonlight and Catrice Steel my soul as base. The stamping plate I used is BM-XL213, in the combination with the stamping polishes Color club Beyond and BPS Black. 

source: tumblr
Stay magical ...

Thursday, January 4, 2018

NOTD: Purple metal glam

All the pretty nail art I saw online I got all hyped! So I got sucked in and decided to make some hyper glam nail art, featuring one of my favorite things: a gold + purple combination and geometric patterns. 

It was also fun to try and level out this look since the gold nail polish I used was a textured one. So it gets a bit funny when it is time to apply the stamps, since if you don't even out the base of your nail the stamp will land uneven and the pattern will be distorted. 

I used the before mentioned 3D gold nail polish LA Girl Sands of time and Golden rose 32 purple as base. The stamps are made with p2 Golden edge and BPS Lavender stamping polish. The plate I used is BP-L070. 

To see more glittery make up and nail looks visit the page Glam - express and get inspired :)


Saturday, December 30, 2017

NOTD: Cute New years

I love deer - they are so majestic! And in this time of the year they are everywhere. And I love wearing them on my nails. This year I decided to wear them for my New years manicure. Which are traditionally black and gold - I like to wear this combination each year at this time.

But since everyone is going full on glam and glitter for the parties, I wanted to create matt nails that still keep the party spirit of a NYE mani. Essence just released this matt glitter nail polish and it was fate! Look how cool they turned out! <3 

I made a classic black and gold look. With some snowflake stamps and an abstract deer stamp, that I added a red dot so it looks like a fancy Rudolph. This turned out soooooo cute <3

For this manicure I used Seche Vite Alter ego as base, the glitter is Essence Pour some glitter on me. The stamps are made with BM-303 and QA86 stamping plates. The stamping polish is BPS White, and the little red dot is made with Avon Ruby. Over it all I added Catrice Matte top coat to make everthing matt. 

To find a nice NYE make up look that fits this NOTD, visit Glam - express and see what the ladies came up with. 


Swatch & NOTD: How to wear secret Festive nails

I know I am late this year - but Christmas is so big by now I can't stand it. So I decided now that I finally had some time to make some winter nails. And I went the most discreet way possible - I will create a few looks for the season but they won't be to obvious since all our social media is current flooded with a bunch of classic Xmas looks. 

This is the headliner of this look L.O.V. Olive obsession and when it was time to take a nice bottle picture of it, it went super shy on me. Somehow it didn't want to look pretty for me, but the swatch pictures below represent the shade perfectly. 

Here you can see it in all its glory. It is the classic army - olive green. The formula is perfect and very easy to apply. It reached full opacity in 2 coats and the gloss on this guy is amazing. The best part of it all is that it doesn't look like a festive color at all. *CHALLENGE ACCEPTED* 

I just layered a bunch of stamps that look like foliage in different green shades. It all looks like a nice little wreath. At the end I applied a bunch of pearls and stars, so it looks like the classic Xmas decorations that are usually on wreaths. I sealed it in with gel top coat.

For this manicure I used L.O.V. Olive obsession as base. The stamps are made with BPS Dark and Light green stamping polishes. The stamps are made with BM-XL472 stamping plate. 

For more festive looks that are created by the beauty community Glam - express visit them. 


Friday, December 29, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Crystals & Constellations

Crystals and constellations - that is all I am into recently. I collect, read, study and gather as much of information as I can about it all. I don't know - sometimes I get more interested in the herbiology part of magic, sometimes energies interest me - but recently this is all I care for. 

I wanted to make a nice little galaxy background, but without any glitter or classic shine. The I applied some stamps and even more matt top coat. Apparently I am in quite the matt mood for all my manicures. 

I like how this turned out! Thou I keep feeling like they are missing something - maybe glitter :( 

For this manicure I used Julep Katie, Cantuy and Seche vite Ambitious as the base galaxy. The stamps are made with BPS Lavender and Light blue. The stamping plates I used are BP-L087 and BP-L045.

Stay magical ...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

WitchCraft nails: Black cat

Recently I adopted a family of stray black cats, and I decided to make nail art dedicated to them. At the same time I think it is important to raise awareness about stray animals in urban areas in the Winter months. No need to full on adopt them, but if you can offer any type of shelter or food for them, there is some good karma in it for ya for sure :) 

At the same time the black cat is the most classic familiar a witch can have, and now I have a pack of them. They make me so happy since I know nobody else wants them. To wear black on my nails is second nature to me, but when I got these water decals from BornPretty Store I was kind off worried how will they show up on the nails. I think they came out great! 

The water decals come in a few different designs and you can see them HERE. They are quite cheap and easy to use which is always a plus when you work with nail art supplies. I highly recommend them to any witch out there that wants to carry her familiar on her nails all day long. 

The base for all my nails was Essence I witch you were here, I just had to buy it since it was part of their Halloween limited edition.

* Stay magical ...


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

NOTD: Fall fruits

I think a lot of people consider fruit as part of Summer designs, I keep seeing cherries and strawberries in my feed. But Fall designs keep featuring mostly foliage and vegetables. So I decided to make a look featuring some abstract fruit for this season.

I decided to choose a pale orange holo as base, a shade that perfectly fits the season. I added some black branches that feature some abstract orange fruits full of glitter. It was a very easy way to wear glitter, holo and a lot of glam in this season.

For this manicure I used Golden rose Holographic 02 nail polish. The stamps are made with BM11 stamping plate and BPS Black stamping polish. The litter dotts are made with Zoya Beatrix

But if I would use some other colors this look can be used any time of the year. Make it red, white and blue and you have a patriotic look. Use red, green and gold and the manicure will look festive and ready for the Christmas season. So keep that in mind when you are looking for inspiration in the future.

Enjoy all the Fall beauty look posted on the page Glam - express and don't forget to enter their amazing Halloween beauty contest. 

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