Thursday, April 17, 2014

TNPC#2: Indie - Arcane lacquer Whimsy Wonderland

I got a lot of X-mas themed indies from an Australian swap but I love them so much and I just can't accept that they are X-mas only! This is one of them, it's Arcane Lacquer Whimsy Wonderland. OMG I AM IN LOVE! It's the most amazing dark green jelly with green square and small hex glitters, 2 sized red hex glitters and some small gold and rare purple hex glitters. I added some nail stickers from the Evil queen Kiss collection and there you have it! It doesn't look christmasy at all :) 

Don't forget to check out Arcane lacquers Etsy store - they ship internationally now! :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LoL mani: Vladimir the Crimson Reaper

I used to love vampires but then Twilight ruined it all ... Thank God for LoL where this sexy beast is home. Vladimir is a vampire that uses blood and his own life as a weapon. When he plays the screen is red, there are blood puddles everywhere and he drains his opponents. But if you play him you trade hp for damage and for a n00b-cake like me that is a bit to hard so I just enjoy looking at him :)

Fot this mani I wanted to make a bunch of blood splatters over a taupe base the same color as the lining on his coat. I love this pants so I had to add some stripes and spikes like the ones on his fingers. I am in love with this look - thou it might look even more sexy and evil if my nails where in their usual stiletto form :)

Vladimir the Crimson reaper

The base is Beatuy woman Rose quartz *love the name for some reason*, the blood stamps are made with Barry M Passion fruit, Kleancolor Metallic red, Pueen45 and BM416. The stripes are done with BM411 and Catrice Sex pistols. The studs are from bornpretty store :)

Here are the nails with just the 2 coats of stamps - The blood only look is just as sexy I think :)

Here are my favorite Vladimir quotes from the game:
''Go, ahead, be negative. You are just my type''
''Deliciously vain''
'' I am a universal recipient.''


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TNCC#2: The Borgias nails

This months challenge at the group Nail challenge collaborative is Movies and TV Shows. And my favorite type of TV Shows are historical and super sexy :) My obsession started when I was watching the Tudors and I already did a mani dedicated to that show a while back HERE

My current love is the (unfortunately canceled) show Borgias! I was in love with Cesare Borgia since the time I read Machiavelli's Prince :) And here he is so cool - my favorite character in the entire show. At the same time I am a fan of anything with Jeremy Irons every since the Lion king :)

 I wanted to do mostly red nails because that is the color of the Borgia house. Also I flooded everything with crosses since they are they popes family. And the accent finger is white like a lot of popes outfits doused in blood because the show is quite violent :) But still sexy - like these nails! They scream Borgias to me! I am so excited I am going to go re-read Machiavelli's Prince.

This is the best Borgias meme I've seen! Yeah they are the villains in Assassins creed so let's try real hard and find Ezio while watching this show! :)

For this look I used: China glaze Don't make me wine, Finger paints Vivid reflection, Beauty UK Matte top coat, MoYou London Biker 2, Festive 14, QA65, A59, BM416. Essence Do you speak love?, Catrice Sky and snow, Barry M Silver foil, Kiko Red peonia and Gold. 

Here are Lucrezia and Cesare Borgia the original incestuous brother and sister. Suck it Game of thrones! I don't care how wrong it is the entire show makes you root for them to hook up :) Aww Historical events you never seize to amaze me.

Did you ever watch this show? :)


Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday stamping: Over a green base

I did the Essence Roller coaster swatch a while back and for everyday use I added some stamps over it since I can't just walk around with no nail art anymore *nail-art-a-holic* :) It's perfect for this weeks installment of Sunday stamping :)

The stamps are made 2 polishes and 2 plates, the top part of the nail is Konad Royal blue and m64, the bottom part is Essence The boy next door and BM414. I topped it off with Essence Mr. & Mrs. Glitter which I think pulls the entire look together :)


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catrice polish comparisons

Catrice and to a lesser extent Essence are great companies when it comes to polishes but they don't relay know their polish finishes. A lot of times they advertise for holo or texture finishes but in the end they are neither. But this season Catrice stepped it up and with the Luxury Lacquer LE, where they did every possible finish and they even released some amazing holos! 

Their only previous holo was Dirty berry *a color frequently asked for by my swap buddies even thou its was discontinued a while back :)* You can see it on the swatch wheel as the bottom color. It's a darker dirty lavender color that creates a scattered holo effect. 
Next to it you can see the new Plum me up scotty from the Luxury lacquer line. The color is a brighter metallic lavender with a strong linear holo effect. It's still not as strong as a Color club holo but still a big step forward. Both swatches are done with 2 coats and no top coats :) 

Here is an extra Scotty plum me up swatch. I love this subtle holo effect that is created here :)

And I did another comparison of the 2 duo-chromes from the regular line. The one on top is Get the blues and the bottom one is Berry Potter and Plumbeldore. I liked the Get the blues in the bottle and not so much on the nails and the reverse for Berry Potter and Plumbeldore
Get the blues has a dark grey sheer base packed with duo-chrome shimmer that changes from blue, to purple and fuchsia. It's very sheer so I needed to make 3 coats of it for full opacity. 

Berry Potter and Plumbeldore is a deep dark cross between burgundy, fuchsia and aubergine. It has a very strong blue shimmer and it's not a duo-chrome at all. The only thing is that the shimmer shifts from dark to light blue. But it's the most amazing polish I had seen from Catrice in a while. The best part is it reaches full opacity in 1 thick coat. 

Here are extra swatch of my new big Catrice love Berry Potter and Plumbledure <3

So are you getting any of the new Catrice polishes?
Thanks for stopping by :)


Monday, April 7, 2014

The Neverending pile challenge: Glitter - Femme fatale Stonemother's kiss

The awesome leader of the FB group called The Glittah pirates Missy from Gnarly gnails created another amazing challenge! Since this one is a long one I will do only 1 challenge each week. But I am so excited to see what the girls will do during all this time because when we did The Nail art a-go-go challenge I discovered so many new and cool nail artists - if you want to see what I did check out HERE

The challenge this time is called - The Never ending pile challenge - it's about using all those untrieds. We'll I have this system - each polish I buy I keep in a special spot and until I use it I don't use any of the old or new ones. So they are all tried at some point - I never just buy something and forget about it. I keep them all in a special place where they can watch and judge me :)

Here you can see what I will be up to for the next couple of months:

And the 1st day challenge is Glitter! YAY! And I kept this amazing one on the side to show it to you all - it's called Femme fatale Stonemother's kiss. This is the most amazing deep purple jelly base with blue flakie shards, small fuchsia and big purple dot glitters, also some orange hex glitters. This are 2 layers with a coat of Seche vite.

I googled what a stonemother is so I could get some inspiration for the nail art and I stumbled upon this boss from the video game World of Warcraft. I used to play this game and it immediately brought me back to those times. She is called Therazane the Stonemother and her color palette is made of exactly the same colors as the polish (check the picture below) I just had to add some holo cracks with Color club Eternal beauty and QA4 and they look just like her one the picture. :)

I adore these nails with and without stamps they look amazing <3 <3 <3

This is Therazane the Stonemother and I love her and the color pallet the WoW creators used. I think my nails are a perfect match. She is wearing purple nails and I bet it's Femme fatale Stonemother's kiss <3

I hope you enjoyed this picture spam - sometimes it's necessary when a polish is just to amazing to capture in one picture :)


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday stamping: Pastels

I tried the Catrice Paralilac and Golden rose Jolly jewels no. 120 combination on 3 looks so far and none where to my liking so this is attempt no. 4 and I am kind off OK with it. Maybe it's not the most pastel look ever but it will do :)

As stated the base is Catrice Paralilac and the stamps are done with Perfect chrome no.31 and Color club Gingerbread man with the stamp QA73. Then I added a bunch of Golden rose Jolly jewels no. 120 on the base of the nail with the glitter application technique I made a tutorial of HERE. And then I made a black line.

I think these nails are growing on me :)

Do you guys ever try different looks with the same polishes?

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